Audi India launches a pre-owned new car facility in Lucknow

Audi India begins its nineteenth pre-owned car facility in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.


Audi, the Germany-based luxury car manufacturer, inaugurated its 19th pre-owned car facility in Lucknow. Audi Approved plus will be a new facility of the company in the country. The carmaker revealed its sales stats for the first three quarters of 2022. The reports showed that the sales of used cars under the arm of Audi Approvedplus witnessed 73 percent growth.


However, the real figures are low, and the previous year was not good for its automotive sales. The decline in sales was due to the pandemic and lockdown. Audi India is growing rapidly. By the end of this year, it will now have 22 pre-owned car facilities.


The head of Audi India, Mr. Balbir Singh Dhillon, spoke to the media on this occasion. He informed them about the inauguration of the nineteenth Audi Approved plus facility at Lucknow. The city has always been a major market for Audi. The company officials are confident that this decision will benefit the city’s customers in many ways.


The business of Audi Approved plus grew from January 2022 to September by 73 percent. The automaker is confident that further expansion in other cities will bolster further growth. It will have 22 facilities of Audi Approved plus in India by the end of 2022.


Under the program, Audi Approved Plus, Audi Indiaprovides roadside assistance of 24x7. You will also get a complete history of the vehicle before purchase.


In addition, customers also get insurance benefits and easy financing through the program. All used vehicles sold and displayed at the showrooms of Audi Approved plus undergo various quality checks. There are more than 300 multi-point checks, electrical, interior, and mechanical inspections, and other bodywork. The company conducts a complete road test to ensure the peace of mind of the customers before purchasing the car.