Why did Tata Motors leave out Punch from the new Jet edition?

The Vice President of the customer care, marketing, and sales department of Tata Motors discussed the reasons behind this decision. He also mentioned the importance of new editions for the automaker.


Recently, Tata launched the jet editions for its three most popular SUVs – Safari, Harrier, and Nexon. The company has initiated the hashtags - # TataSUVs and # IndianSUV. Initially, the customers expected the list to also include Tata Punch, as happened in the Kaziranga edition. But, Tata did not include this micro SUV in the list of the special edition. Moreover, the company has stated some reasons behind this move.


Why did the Tata Punch not get the Jet Edition?


The Vice President of customer care, marketing, and sales of Tata Motors, RajanAmba, informed the media about this decision. He said that the company officials take care of certain things before bringing out any special edition. These things include the aesthetic appearance of the model, its suitability for the particular range, and its positioning. So, from the perspective of nomenclature and lifestyle, the automaker felt that Punch does not fall in the order.


Another reason for leaving the Punch out of the Jet edition list is that the customer requires to pay a premium for the special edition. According to the carmaker, the vehicle should appeal to the buyers to pay extra for the special editions. Tata noted that its three other SUVs would be more suitable for the Jet edition than the Punch. The company reached this decision after analyzing the sale of the Kaziranga edition.


The Micro SUV has still got its charm.


RajanAmba mentioned that the company has planned something more for the Tata Punch for the coming year. So, as of now, this vehicle is available only in one special edition, Kaziranga.


Importance of Special Editions for the Tata Motors


Amba said that the special editions account for more than fifteen percent of the total sale of the Tata cars. For years, the automaker has introduced various editions for its vehicles. These special editions include Kaziranga, Gold, Camo, and Dark. However, the first three are only available for SUVs.


Moreover, he informed the media that the dark edition contributes to the 10 to 20 percent sales of the other models. In addition, he hinted at introducing more editions in the upcoming years. He stated that these interventions contribute appreciably toward the growth of the business. Moreover, these innovative ideas create excitement among buyers. So, the Indian manufacturer will continue to produce more interventions.