Hyundai Grand i10 Nios vs MarutiSuzuki Swift vs Tata Punch - Comparison of front seats

Since the launch of the Maruti Suzuki Swift in 2005, it has remained the undisputed king among all the cars in its segment. Many other vehicles in the car B- segment have arrived in the market since then, but Swift has not left its position in the hierarchy. Here we will discuss its rivals and compare them with each other. The current variant of this vehicle is in the market since 2017. It has recently arrived with an update in 2021.


Since 2013, the closest competitor of Swift has been the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. Both cars have dominated the market of their segment for years. However, the situation started changing with the arrival of their new rival introduced by Tata. The Indian automaker has jumped into the fight with the launch of Tata Punch, which is attracting Indian buyers since 2021.


Now, let us compare this new rival with the Grand i10 Nios and Swift. The comparison is important as the three cars will probably lead the market for the next few years. So, to diminish the confusion of the buyers, we will ponder upon their features in detail.




The Maruti Swift wins over the other two in terms of legroom. It has 890/660 mm (max/min) space when compared to Nios with 860/650 mm and Punch with 870/530 mm. Though these figures seem to be closer to each other but, for the passengers, they can make a huge difference. Every inch is important in terms of cabin space. However, the lower seat base in the Swift will need more effort in egress and ingress for the senior citizens.




Once again, the Swift wins the race with the headroom of 1020 mm while the Grand i10 and Punch have 1000 mm. The seat base of the Swift is a bit lower than the other two, which gives an extra headroom of 20 mm.


Shoulder room


Swift again leads the way as Maruti has arranged its numbers well, in terms of cabin space. Its shoulder room is 1320 mm, and that of Grand i10 and Punch is 1300 mm and 1270 mm, respectively. It seems odd that Tata Punch is in the second position in this section because it is overall wider than the other two. The entire width of the Tata variant is 1742 mm as compared to the 1735 mm of Swift and 1680 mm of i10 Nios.


Backrest Height


This section goes to the Tata Punch as it has 620 mm of backrest height as compared to the Nios and Swift having 600 mm. So, Punch has a taller back than the other two vehicles. Moreover, Tata Punchalso leads in terms of the overall height with 1615 mm, while Grand i10 Nios and Swift stand at 1520 mm and 1530 mm, respectively.